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Can I get a free boiler through the boiler replacement scheme?

If you think you may be eligible, apply using the eligibility form above.

Most of our customers qualify for a free boiler and other energy saving grants.

But even if you dont qualify for a free boiler, you may still be able to get a part funded or heavily subsidised boiler. That means you’ll get some funding, but you’ll need to make a contribution towards the cost.

If you’re struggling with an old, inefficient boiler that keeps breaking down or costs a fortune to run, then this could be a way for you to solve the problem for good.

How the scheme works

The government has targets it needs to hit. These targets include reducing the UK’s carbon footprint and also cutting fuel poverty.

One of the ways they’re doing this is through the ECO or Energy Company Obligation scheme. It’s called that because the big energy companies have targets to hit too. The scheme is a collaboration between the government and the six biggest energy companies in the UK.

Everyone in the UK pays a small percentage extra on their energy bills, and this money is used to fund free boilers and insulation for low-income households and the most vulnerable members of our community.

As part of this scheme, you can have your old boiler replaced with a newer A-rated boiler. You may qualify for a free replacement boiler.

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This government energy efficiency scheme has been set up to help reduce carbon emissions and tackle the cost of energy.
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