What Is Solar PV?


What Is Solar PV? Solar PV has gained immense popularity as a clean and reliable energy source that holds the promise of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimising our dependence on fossil fuels. Photovoltaics (PV) has transformed the way we produce and consume electricity. Solar PV, short for Solar Photovoltaic, is a technology that converts […]

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What Is Cavity Wall Insulation?

cavity wall insulation

What Is Cavity Wall Insulation? Cavity wall insulation is a method used to insulate the walls of a building by filling the gap or “cavity” between the inner and outer walls with an insulating material. This type of insulation helps to improve the energy efficiency of buildings reducing the amount of heat that is lost […]

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What Is A Non-Condensing Boiler? Condensing vs Non-Condensing Boiler

condensing boiler

What Is A Condensing Boiler? A condensing boiler is a type of central heating system that uses condensing technology to maximize energy efficiency. Unlike traditional non-condensing boilers, they are designed to capture and use the latent heat from the water vapor produced during combustion. The condensing process allows the boiler to get more heat from […]

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How Do Storage Heaters Work?

how do storage heaters work

How Do Storage Heaters Work? Storage heaters work by taking advantage of cheaper off-peak electricity rates during specific periods, typically during the night, to store heat. Here’s a simplified explanation of how storage heaters work: Charging phase: During the off-peak period, the storage heater draws electricity from the grid and uses it to heat up heat-retaining bricks […]

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How Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work?

air source heat pump

What Is An Air Source Heat Pump? An air source heat pump (ASHP) is a type of heating system that uses the outside air as a source of heat. They offer a lot of benefits in comparison to more traditional heating methods, and grants to install air source heat pumps are available for homeowners and tenants across […]

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Who Qualifies For A Boiler Grant?


Who Qualifies For A Boiler Grant? Can I Get A Boiler Grant? Yes, you can get gas boiler replacement grants in the UK  to improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce your energy bills. Gas boiler replacement grants are available to homeowners that meet the following criteria. The eligibility criteria for the boiler grant […]

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I Have No Central Heating, Can I Get A Grant?


I have no central heating can I get a grant? Yes – you can get a grant if you have no central heating in your home. The UK government has implemented a scheme to help people install central heating for the first time in their homes. There are certain criteria that must be met to […]

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